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Controlled Release Society - Turkey Local Chapter

Head office of the Society is situated in Istanbul. Purpose of the Society is to enable exchange of information between those persons who are interested in researches regarding systems of controlled drug release. It perfoms activities in order to create an environment in which relevant studies are encouraged and developed.
The Society performs several activities to achieve its purpose. It provides all kinds of support for development of scientific and educational studies with respect to the subject of controlled drug release, it publishes books, periodicals, bulletins, brochures etc. It perfoms research, exhibition, demonstration, training and other similar activities. It participates in scientific and social activities, it co-operates with public and private organizations in order to carry out such activities and it organizes national and international conferences, congresses, symposiums, panels, discussion groups and meetings. It arranges journeys, contests, organizes juries and submits awards.


Administrative Board

Prof. Dr. Yildiz Özsoy-Erginer (President)
Prof. Dr. Ayla Gürsoy (Honorary President)
Prof. Dr. Betül Dortunç (Member)
Dr. Pharm. Füsun Yetimoglu (General Secretary)
Dr. Pharm. Fatma Özaydin (Treasurer)
Dr. Koral Embil (Member)
Pharm. Feyza Tevrüz (Member)


Membership form (PDF, 400kb)


By-Laws of Controlled Release Society Turkey Local Chapter (PDF, 151kb)


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Controlled Release Society

Controlled Release Society
Turkey Local Chapter
Tomurcuk Sokak
İzmen Sitesi, B1-Blok, D:76
Mecidiyeköy / Istanbul

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